Whoever knows me, knows that I carry around a journal with me 90% of the time. Journaling is one of my absolute favorite things to do. The act of transcribing and articulating our inner world is almost a form of cultivating a meditative state. Through writing we are able to separate from ourselves in order to see ourselves in context. 

This is my favorite tool + practice not only for when I am feeling stuck, but also to express my gratitude when things are going exactly how I imagined (or better). It really does make a difference when I manually sort out my feelings and connect with my inner voice. It's funny to even look back and see how much my font changes depending on my mood.

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Journaling is my best habit. It is quite simple. All you need is a cool journal that speaks to you, with some really good vibes, and a pen. I have a whole collection of journals, but if you want to start the easy way, I recommend you get the Five Minute Journal. This is a gratitude journal and it is filled with inspiring quotes.  It is a quick and simple way to keep yourself motivated and begin/end each day with a grateful heart. 

An added benefit is that you get to keep a record of all the amazing things that have happened throughout your days, so if you’re ever feeling down in the future you can cheer yourself up by going through these reminders. If you are new to journaling, start with this one and then work your way up.

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I keep different journals for different things, but you can start with just one. There are several ways to explore our thoughts and feelings through journaling. You can write anything from inspirational quotes, reflect on a quote or thought, describe challenges + brainstorm solutions, write down affirmations, create lists... The possibilities are endless!

Throughout the day, if I am brainstorming for a blog post, or simply exploring some ideas/concepts I am passionate about, I just use my personal draft journal. This is where I write anything that comes to mind. Any inspired ideas, or quotes that move me or that I come across throughout my day. 

I  also set my goals, intentions for the week/month and write about my emotional responses to positive or negative events that may be happening. This helps me process my feelings and if I’m not in a very positive headspace, I can explore more positive reframing options. 

full moon intentions

I keep a completely separate journal for my new moon/full moon intentions every month. I was actually going through my 2015 moon journal and had so many emotions reading all my goals. It actually inspires me and re-motivates me to read what I wrote a few years back. 

I always carry a journal with me, especially when I travel. I feel like I'm the most inspired on airplanes, coffee shops and beautiful scenic places across the world. 



Journaling is fun, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just grab your favorite journal and a pen, and start writing.


Keeping a journal is a very simple + positive mindful tool and is so good for you. 

  • IT Helps with stress.

  • Helps harness your creativity and get more connected to your inner voice.

  • Aids with memory.

  • Regular writing helps you learn to process + communicate complex ideas in a practical way.

  • It is a tool to help bring you into the state of mindfulness by actively engaging with your thoughts.

  • Improves communication skills.

  • Helps in achieving goals.

  • Whenever you are feeling stuck emotionally or you find yourself with a block- journaling really helps you bust through.

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I encourage you to try journaling. And remember, you don't need to keep a regular schedule with journaling, it's a habit you can come back to any time you feel inspired. Even intermittent journaling can help with stress when the practice is focused on gratitude or emotional processing. Any day is a good day to get back into the zone!

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