Mindful Wallpapers


You guys know I am all about mindfulness and living in joy. I love the idea of staying in a positive mindset and affirmations are a small part of how I achieve this. For those of you who don't know what an affirmation is, an affirmation is just anything you say or think. A thought or phrase you keep repeating yourself. A lot of the things we take in daily aren't necessarily positive.

A good way to shift this, is being mindful about everything you surround yourself with. I try to be very intentional about my surroundings and everything I see. A small act I have always done is have mindful wallpapers on my phone. I integrate into this practice everything I can, from my phone wallpaper to my computer background to any images in my room. I want to make sure I am always uplifted. 


I created these mindful wallpapers so you can feel awesome every time you check your phone. Not only will they help make major shifts in your mindset they also serve as prompts and daily reminders on what you are truly capable of, making sure you have an amazing day, everyday.

Rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future, mindfulness bring our mind back to the present.  It helps us to focus on appreciating and finding joy in what we are doing in the moment. Have an awesome day!!



I'LL SEE it when I believe it.jpg
it only gets better.jpg
my dreams become my reality.jpg
unlimited potential.jpg
miracles .jpg
I am infinite.jpg
expect bigger miracles.jpg
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