Get clear on what you want 💧

At times everything may seem unclear.

What am I doing? Where am I going? What do I want? Who am I? And so on.

You may be doing what needs to be done, but producing no results or feeling disconnected with no understanding as to why.

AWARENESS is key to answering those questions.

First, let’s start with what being unaware or disconnected means:

  •  Making promises you can’t keep
  • Playing Small
  •  Doing the same thing over again with no results
  • Feeling out of control and blaming others
  • Being disconnected from who you are, while trying to be who you think you should be
  •  Not understanding your own heart, therefore blocking vulnerability
  • Going through life as a robot
  • Goals with no fulfillment
  • Staying stuck in fear

All of those statements are truly fear-based.

They’re a way of life for some, as dissatisfying and disheartening as it is, some people see no other way. There’s another way, but it takes courage, time and focusing energy inward rather than trying to control the outer circumstances.

Life get’s fairly simple when we clear the noise. If you’re unfulfilled in your career, find something that you’re passionate about. if you’re unhappy in a relationship, then leave.  if you’re around toxic people, then drop them.  our hearts tell us exactly what we want, yet those whispers go unnoticed with the barrage of fears, self-doubt, and mental baggage blasting in our minds.  spending time with yourself to get clear is key in the unfolding of your best life. 🔑

Marielly AlbaComment