Are you conscious about the energy you surround yourself with? 


“If you follow your inner path using truth and clarity as your compass points, the other world cannot help but respond to your intention.” Deepak Chopra


Goal setting is the foundation for the yellow brick road to success. The Universe is always listening to our thoughts, feelings and desires. However, unintentionally, the message or request we send might not be clear. When we set a goal, we repeatedly focus our mind on something we don’t have. These future-oriented mindsets prevent us from enjoying the present and developing a sense of gratitude for what is positive in our lives. The most important thing to do, before asking for anything, is being grateful for the things we already have and take for granted.  

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction. It states that what we think; we become. 


I'm a firm believer in that we can speak things into existence. The power of the word is strong and deserves an article on its own, but for now it is important to understand the language we use plays a key role in our destiny.  I prefer to make my requests to the Universe in the form of affirmations. Think positive and ask the Universe to affirm your request. As an example, rather than "I ask the Universe to bring me health," you might phrase it "I attract health and abundance in every part of my life."

I wanted to share with you my step-by-step guide on what I do when I set my intentions:
1. SET THE TONE- I always go all-in when I set the mood or ambiance for any ritual. This is yourtime so make it extra special.  Light candles; play some nice relaxing music, prepare your temple [body] and your surroundings so you can enter your ritual with a relaxed and positive mind. 

2. GET IN THE MOOD- meditate to get your mind clear. I like to do some heart opening yogaposes (like camel or bridge pose) and breathing exercises, this catapults me into such a good spiritual place. Empty your mind and listen to your heart

3. SET YOUR INTENTIONS- Frame your intentions- in the present tense- you are creating a space where your desires will be attracted to your life. I like to keep a journal and write them down. Remember: use words of affirmation. Be very specific about what you want. For example, if you want a job, don’t just ask for a job, describe the job you want, the salary you want to earn, how that job will make you feel, the accomplishments you will make, etc; the same goes if you want to attract true love into your life- VISUALIZE your soulmate, describe him in every way possible, every little detail you would want him to have, physically, emotionally, you can even elaborate on how he makes you feel, how playful he is. This may sound crazy but my astrology professor explained to us that the more specific we are, the better our message is understood by the Universe.

4. VISUALIZE- you really need to FEEL the glory, taste the glory – add real emotions behind your thoughts. Picture yourself in a place where what you asked for you already have. How would that make you feel, if you obtained that? FEEL IT.

5. PRACTICE GRATITUDE- for what you have asked for has already been granted. Be thankful- because the Universe has already GRANTED YOUR WISHES. This is a very important part. I know this part might be a little confusing but you know how they say, fake it till you make it? You are basically going to act just like everything was granted to you; BECAUSE IT WAS

6. USE THE AVAILABLE ENERGIES- Read about the astrological energies available. Even if you don’t follow astrology very close, we all have goals and things we want. Following moon cycles is a great way to do so. Why not get a little lunar boost on your life? There is also a six-month link between new and full moons. Each new moon falls in a specific zodiac sign. Six months later, a full moon occurs in that same sign making it the time to harvest. READ about the available energies; knowledge is power. This can help you really take advantage of the cosmic gift being given to us.

I like to write my intentions on the New Moon of every month and revisit them six months later when there is a Full Moon in the same sign. It helps me set mini-goals every month.  I keep a journal and always write them down. It is fun to look back at them and see how I accomplished the things I wanted. 

Remember: HAVE FUN! These are just guidelines but you can 100% let your intuition guide you and explore in whichever way you believe is best. BE CREATIVE!


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