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Ever wondered what are crystals and what are they even used for? I get asked this question A LOT, and I know it can be really confusing. It was to me for a really long time. I had to do a lot of research and watch tons of documentaries to fully grasp and understand the amazing and magical concept of crystals. I soon understood that crystals are not only beautiful and powerful- but also, a form of life.

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One of the most important things you can learn when starting to work with crystals is how to cleanse them. They absorb energies very easily (especially the proctecting ones), so you want to make sure to regularly cleanse them to neutralize their energy fields.

1. Selenite slab. Place them in a slab or wand of selenite.

2. Moonlight. My method of preference. Lay them out during the Full Moon. You may even wish to place them the day before the Full Moon, and after.

3. Brown rice. Not only is a 24-hour rice soak good for saving your phone after water damage- it also neutralizes and balances the energy of crystals.

4. Running water. Just place them under

5. Salt water. 24 hour salt water soak

6. Sunlight. Energizes them

7. Smudging. Smudge or spray them with palo santo, sage or any cleansing herb of your preference.


They say you don't choose a crystal, it chooses you. When you walk into the crystal shop, the best is to choose the crystal that resonates with you. If you are drawn/feel curious about a crystal- thatโ€™s probably the one for you. Choose the crystal that works with YOUR energy. Hold it and if you like the feeling of that- then it works for you. 

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Think of crystals as rechargeable batteries. Every 2 weeks or so, I recommend charging your crystals under the new and full moons. They can also be charged in the sunlight. Infuse them with your intentions. Just be sure to charge for at least 24 hours.

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Crystals are powerful healing and meditation tools. I normally hold one crystal each palm when meditating. They also balance the energy of physical spaces, so I always keep them scattered throughout my house, in my car, and sometimes, even carry them in my purse or embedded in necklaces/earrings/rings.

They are an excellent tool for aligning the chakras and are frequently used in reiki healing. They enhance our manifestation abilities. I even use certain crystals to enhance creativity.

A very interesting way of absorbing crystal energy is by making crystal water. Just insert the crystal of your choice (note: selenite and some other crystals cannot be soaked in water so do your research) in a pitcher/glass of water and leave overnight. I sweat I tried this and I was feeling so energetic in the morning after drinking it.

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It is said you need to bond with your crystals. After cleansing them, place them between your palms and rub them together. This, wakes up the chakras and allow you to feel the energy much more.

Mentally ask the crystal to work with you say something like:โ€œPlease work with me, protect my energy and do anything else that is for my highest goodโ€- so you don't place any limits on them- they are highly intelligent beings. They know what you need and what to do for your highest good.

If you close your eyes consciously focus on your third eye while holding your crystal and imagine your third eye opening like a petal. Focus on the crystal and let your energy connect.

These are just guidelines, but allow yourself to intuitively do what you feel called to do, and let crystals enhance your life! HAVE FUN!

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