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New York is always a good idea. Two things you probably don’t know about me: I was born in NYC and lived there for almost a year in 2012. This was such a spontaneous trip, we literally booked the tickets the same morning, packed and were on our way to the airport within 3 hours. I am always excited to come back even if this time is was only for 24 hours, I sure made the best of it!


I arrived to NYC at 5:30 and went straight to the hotel. This time, I stayed at the Refinery Hotel. The rooftop is pretty cool so I recommend checking it out. I settled in, got ready, and headed out to Soho House to meet up with a few of my friends that I never get to see. We had a few appetizers and drinks, chilled in the rooftop and headed out to one of my favorite NYC restaurants: Catch. I used to come here all the time back in the day, and I always have the best time whenever I come back. We had an amazing dinner, had some more drinks and then headed out to 1 Oak.

I personally don’t like going to clubs anymore, but for a little bit it wasn't that bad. I had some priorities to go and have the best pizza place in NYC: Artichoke. If you’ve never been, you must go and try the artichoke pizza. This was just a super fun night!


The next morning, I woke up excited to try this meditation place that I 100% recommend you check out: INSCAPE. I researched a lot online and this is the place that I felt called to go. I am so glad I followed my heart because this now became one of my favorite spots in NYC.  The concept is amazing, they have guided meditations going on almost every hour, and you can just pop-in and join a class.


It’s basically 2 rooms: one is called the alcove (left) and the other one is the Dome (right) and is literally a super cool dome,. Both are so beautiful. I did a 45-minute deep relaxation meditation in the Alcove. I was able to go so deep within and connect to myself. I even cried tears of joy while I was meditating, it was definitely a very profound, introspective and amazing experience.


Even if you don’t meditate, they have a super cool curated shop including all trendy things health and wellness like crystals, books, beauty adaptogens like moon juice (which if you follow me, you know is my obsession)., etc.

I got a few things and even my friends that came to pick me up and ended up getting some stuff for themselves.

After this, we walked to brunch at Bluestone Lane. I loved this cute little west village spot, the brunch was so good! They have the best avocado toasts and best matcha and turmeric and beet lattes (yes, we ordered them all).


We then went to this place my friend wanted to check out: Milk. OH MY GOD is all I have to say about this place. It is based on the concept of baking with cereal milk (as in the flavor the milk gets after you finish your cereal). We got a cereal milk ice cream with all 3 toppings (fudge, captain crunch and sprinkles), cereal milk cake truffles and a cookie. Everything was soooooo good. Pleaseee stop by if you have a sweet tooth like me :).

Before heading back to our hotel to chill on the rooftop prior to the flight, we stopped at one more crystal place nearby (where there was no pictures allowed).

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I can say it was a good, unexpected 24 hours.  How would you have spent 24 hours in NYC? Let me know in the comments below, and also make sure to check my Instagram stories for some behind the scenes from the trip.




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