D A I L Y  P R A C T I C E



I know it can be overwhelming to think about a morning routine. Some of us have limited time in the morning so it might be overwhelming to think about meditating and drinking hot lemon water

And doing yoga or morning workout. Trust me, I get it.


However, I want to share with you MY quick morning routine. It is ideal for me and my situation and preferences. Feel free to make it your own or adapt it to your own taste.



7:00 - Alarm goes off: My alarm is set to a morning meditation byDeepak Chopra (link). This way I get quick 2-3 minutes of meditation before rising. It does set the tone for my day and makes me start my day with

More gratitude and appreciation.I lay in bed with eyes closed for a few more minutes to soak it all in before I’m ready to start my day.


7:10 - I get out of bed and do some quick heart opening poses. I stretch and do a sequence of 3 or 4 asanas, depending on my needs. I do this really quick flow it takes less than 2 minutes


7:13- I have some warm or temperature water with lemon (sometimes add a squeeze of ginger) and sometimes instead of this, have a glass of water with a tabespoon of apple cider vinegar. It all really depends on how I feel. 


7:15 I get in my workout clothes and hit the gym for an hour with my personal trainer. If I don’t have a trainer because I am traveling, I normally do some cardio and light weight/squats on my own.


8:30 - I jump in the shower, use my famous coffee scrub & take a mindful shower, taking time to pamper myself (if I have the time) & affirming every part of my body how much I love it. 


8:45 I put on some comfy clothes and prepare a nice yummy protein shake probably with an avocado toast or whatever Im feeling like in that day 



Hope you enjoyed waking up with me. Do you have a morning routine? Let me know your thoughts below. 



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